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Busy Signal have released a brand new banger which tagged GO TO TELL YOU (ZUM ZUM),check it out below.
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Here is the 5th track of Tommy Lee Sparta Reincarnation album,check it below.
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Bishop Daniel Obinim

In a latest action of the man who has arrogated himself the title of an Angel, the Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has destroyed all images of Jesus Christ saying he is fake promising to replace them with his.

According to him, he will soon put up a statue of himself because he is an original person who can be seen and felt by many and visit others in their dreams just at the press of a button.

“We are not getting the real pictures of Jesus Christ that is how come we keep using this. I destroyed the ones in Kumasi and Accra because this man is an Italian who acted in a movie. You can never get the picture of my father the messiah anywhere. I should make my statue and pictures because I value the gifts he has given to me”, he told his congregation in Tema.

Recently he revealed that the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ does not come any closer to him with regards to the performance of miracles.

According to him, he has since the inception of his ministry done a lot of miracles more than Jesus Christ and other prophets because he has an unlimited time, unlike Jesus who only had a limited period to stay on earth.

Surface on earth and do greater things than he did justify that with John 14:12-14 which states “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.”

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Kelz and TMW is here with this newly hottest drop out which tagged CRUSH and was produced by Karis,check it out below.
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Stonebwory the award winning reggae and dancehall artist have drop out his newly single tune,he called it SHUGA featuring Jamaican dancehall artist Beenie Man,check it below.
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Metro Mass Transport Limited is a public transportation company which have been served Ghana for so many years.
But according to some passengers the bus from Sunyani to Hamile is always overloaded and there is no comfort and peace in the bus and i too have witness it.
All this issues is that they have changed some of the buses and have brought new once,which the seat supposed to be two at the right side two at the left side.
But unfortunately they added a mini seat and have closed the middle lane for the passenger to pass through.
Because of this if there is emergency there’s no place to pass because under the seats there is always load there.
If the government of Ghana is fighting to reduce road accident then they have to remove that middle seats because if such thing will happen is not a public transport company it should be a private company but not rather government company.
They have stop loading passengers in front of the back door because it is very risky and is not applicable to do so,
Hmm so Ghanaians are we safe,
Government should talk to the management of metro mass transport to stop that.
Sitting in a car for about 10 hours without comfortable is not advisable.
If the car is full is not advisable to pick another person.
Most of the private transport companies will not do that and it can also reduce the intake of the companies.

World most expensive phones,top 10.

You can watch the video below which you will see the top 10 most expensive phones ever created.

Now a days if you follow technology it will not be easy because a phone cost $48.5million is very expensive but if you know you know,and those can buy can buy.

Many other people follow technology which end them failed in life because he or she don’t care either it is his last money or not,but my friends always look at your self and cut your coat according to your size.

The rich men and woman always invest their money into business before spending it so please let’s learn how to invest and work hard so that one day you can also be a rich man or woman.

Below is the video of the top 10 expensive phones.

The history of Seikwa

The tradition of the origin of Seikwa in the Tain District of Brong Shadow,disclose that their ancestors originated from the Kingdom of Bouna in the north eastern part of Cote d’ivoire.

The Seikwa people live together with other related groups,which is Badu and Bunn people around the 1580s.

Tradition says that the first monarch,is Nana Kaka and was married a woman from Bouna named Jofotia and gave birth to a son called Akrosoma.

The son was famous and brave through that he assumed the leadership of his whole army.

They experienced frequent wars around that area,so they decided to migrate to Kumasi to join their brothers which is the Ashantis ,for safety and protection .

Some people was not in support,but the majority accepted and agreed ,so they started the journey on their way going,they went to a place called Angenye .

They settled there for the rest of the family members from Nasana .

They later move on to a place called Yerekae in 1682 in the Gyaman land,the lady which is (Obaapanin) of the family which was called Nana Davunsee was old and weak which lead her to death.

Yerekae means the old lady can’t continue the journey,so some of the people were left there to bury her Yerekae whiles others moved to Sampa.

When they came to Sampa there was a war raging Tonye near Banda between the Bandas and the Ashantis people in 1730s.

The people of the Ashantis cried to Nana Kaka for help,Akrosoma the well known warrior was elected to lead a great army which was matched towards them and Akrosoma won the battle.

The death of Nana Kaka was revealed to Akrosoma at Tonya,due to that Akrosoma committed suicide. This constitutes the present oath of the people Nana Kaka died at Sampa in 1731 and was succeeded his nephew Kalimeh in 1731.

So the Ashantihene (Nana Osei Tutu) heard their bravery and he extended an invitation through Ampabamehene to bring them to Kumasi. However some of the people were left at Sampa to take care of the body of the monarch,Nana Kaka.

Nana Kalimeh in 1741 lead  the people through Nsuatre,Dominase Akropong in Ashanti. From Akropong they settled at Ampabame,after staying for so time and they went to sargranti war of 1874 with the Ahantis against the British and became successful.

After the war they came and settled at Amakom in Kumasi. Obaapanim Afia Bosompenyaal,saw that her people was being using frequently for wars by the Ashantis. so in her own mind ,she fabricated a story that she was not finding suitable chewing stick (pasogo) which is the local language called in Nkroan.

She told Ashantihene about it and convinced him that on their way to Kumasi they found a lot of suitable chewing sticks tress in the savanna areas,so they should go there for some.

Ashantehene conceded to this idea and released Okyeame Banih to take them to the grassy land. So when they are coming they settled at Akomadan,Nkenkansu and Techiman in 1875. From Techiman they discovered a river Nyamepene and followed it along the banks to Nkorankwagya near Nsawkwa.

In 1876,under Ekyi Kofi they came to Domyaa from Nkorankwagya. At Domyaa,there was misunderstanding between Nana Banim and his nephew (the Badu people ) so the fought and fell apart. The Nkoran (seikwa people)

Moved from Domyaa to Tomeanya(Tanokrom) means my own town. From there they moved to Domeabra. At there there,there was drought so a certain hunter called Bofo Dabratia,in his hunting expedition he saw a river,which was flowing from a mountain .

He told the story to the then chief through kyeame Brempon Banim and said in twi ”ensuo yi da ho res33 kwa” hence Seikwa. They move to the river side a built a house near the river bank. The house later on collapsed on two brothers of the chief. The then take a move from the river to the present place SEIKWA in about 1877 under the leadership of Nana Ekye Kofi I.

Also,here is a short history of Nana Kaka stool and the stool was originated from Dafupeji in Bouna in I’vory Coast.

Here is the list of previous Chiefs in Seikwa.

1.Nana Kaka 1580-1731

2.Nana Kalimeh. 1731-1752

3.Nana Kumah. 1752-1777

4.Nana Agyei. 1777-1828

5.Nana Juma. 1838-1857

6.Nana Ekye Kofi. 1857-1877

7.Nana Kwasi Bekoe I. 1877-1943

8.Nana Kwasi Bekoe II. 1943-1954

9.Nana Kwasi Bekoe Krah III 1954-1960

10.Nana Kwasi Bekoe Ababio 1960-1985

11.Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana II 1985-2013.

Photos of Seikwa.