Metro Mass Transport Limited is a public transportation company which have been served Ghana for so many years.
But according to some passengers the bus from Sunyani to Hamile is always overloaded and there is no comfort and peace in the bus and i too have witness it.
All this issues is that they have changed some of the buses and have brought new once,which the seat supposed to be two at the right side two at the left side.
But unfortunately they added a mini seat and have closed the middle lane for the passenger to pass through.
Because of this if there is emergency there’s no place to pass because under the seats there is always load there.
If the government of Ghana is fighting to reduce road accident then they have to remove that middle seats because if such thing will happen is not a public transport company it should be a private company but not rather government company.
They have stop loading passengers in front of the back door because it is very risky and is not applicable to do so,
Hmm so Ghanaians are we safe,
Government should talk to the management of metro mass transport to stop that.
Sitting in a car for about 10 hours without comfortable is not advisable.
If the car is full is not advisable to pick another person.
Most of the private transport companies will not do that and it can also reduce the intake of the companies.


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