The people of Seikwa need hospital .

Seikwa is a town located in the Tain district in Bono Region.

Which is surrounded with about 21 villages which some are Asiakrom,Nkwanta,Dagadu,Tainso,Kyekyewere and many more.

According to Ghana statistical service Seikwa has a population size of 9,166 as at 2010 population census which 4,149 was males and 5,017.

This statistics shows that now the people of Seikwa will be getting to 15,000.

Seikwa need hospital because there is a Senior high school which is Nkoranman with a population more than 2,000 students and also Seikwa Nurses and Midwifery Training College with a population about getting to 500 students.

Because Seikwa don’t hospital students from the Nurses Training face problems for practicals and their clinicals.

The clinic with 2 beds in male ward and 3 bed in the female ward are full of bed bugs is even everywhere of the clinic,according to those have been admitted there said during the night it always like you are fighting with someone all because the bed bugs will be biting you serious and i have also witness it before.

So we are pleading the president of Ghana and his officials to build a hospital for the people of Seikwa.

And also those who can help too are also invited i.e the rich men and women who are truly sons of Seikwa are needed and also the NGOs.

Those who like to help can also donate beds,mattress and other hospital equipment to the clinic .

Mr president the people of Seikwa is pleading you,helps us.

You have visited Seikwa for campaign so you know how Seikwa is.

Thank You.

Below are the photo of the male ward.

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