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Serious accident happened on Berekum- Dormaa road .

  • God have mercy on us,but we also have to reduce accident on the road,this serious accident happened on the Berekum to Dormaa road which was not easy at all.
  • The picture below is most affected car which doesn’t shows that the passengers was alive or not.
  • Stop road accident ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚.

A ray of hope.

A ray of hope beckons, despite the grave implications of the dark cloud that looks like a clear-cut silhouette of a naval frigate on a horizon. Bleak though it may seem, it remains incumbent on us as citizens to remain united in spite of our political affiliations to support the structural arrangement modules being rolled out by the regime architects. The youth enterprise support fund to assist youth entrepreneurs is essentially laudatory.

The regime operators are not seemingly static and insensitive in disposition to the plight of many a Ghanaian as speculated in some political circles. We have seen them in action with the political compass in hand in the international arena, nosing around helter-skelter negotiating for a more sustainable development paradigm with the Bretton Woods institution to technically right the wrong act storming in the tea kettle.

This is an obvious manifestation one needs to be told, that they have been invariant under rotation of the coordinate axes and that attest to the fact that they will deliver with time. Of course, something is being put in place to especially vary the routine of the citizenry. And that the state institutions must be allowed to operate as independent entities without any interference from those infested with the insignia of the regime, so that the institutions would work conscientiously to accomplish the anticipatory goals that the state has proudly crafted for all and sundry.

Let us not act in a way suggestive of a thorough-going prophet of doom but to remain resolute in defense of the structural initiatives in place whilst putting the sordid past behind us.

For once, the rain has revived the wilting shrubs and the sun is seen rising in the maples, saplings would be cut as wooden posts to stake the creeping tendrils. All is not lost yet. There is an atmosphere of cautious optimism. God bless GHANA!

By Jefferson.

Musuo (Taboo) Part 1 and 2

This film is now available on Felisco TV on You Tube and you can now watch it worldwide.

This is the first film that is out not long a go and was launch on 24/12/2018 but right now we need a producer to take control of it so that he or she to introduce some of the movie stars.

This movie was shot at Seikwa B/A

You can watch the movie below.


The history of Seikwa

The tradition of the origin of Seikwa in the Tain District of Brong Shadow,disclose that their ancestors originated from the Kingdom of Bouna in the north eastern part of Cote d’ivoire.

The Seikwa people live together with other related groups,which is Badu and Bunn people around the 1580s.

Tradition says that the first monarch,is Nana Kaka and was married a woman from Bouna named Jofotia and gave birth to a son called Akrosoma.

The son was famous and brave through that he assumed the leadership of his whole army.

They experienced frequent wars around that area,so they decided to migrate to Kumasi to join their brothers which is the Ashantis ,for safety and protection .

Some people was not in support,but the majority accepted and agreed ,so they started the journey on their way going,they went to a place called Angenye .

They settled there for the rest of the family members from Nasana .

They later move on to a place called Yerekae in 1682 in the Gyaman land,the lady which is (Obaapanin) of the family which was called Nana Davunsee was old and weak which lead her to death.

Yerekae means the old lady can’t continue the journey,so some of the people were left there to bury her Yerekae whiles others moved to Sampa.

When they came to Sampa there was a war raging Tonye near Banda between the Bandas and the Ashantis people in 1730s.

The people of the Ashantis cried to Nana Kaka for help,Akrosoma the well known warrior was elected to lead a great army which was matched towards them and Akrosoma won the battle.

The death of Nana Kaka was revealed to Akrosoma at Tonya,due to that Akrosoma committed suicide. This constitutes the present oath of the people Nana Kaka died at Sampa in 1731 and was succeeded his nephew Kalimeh in 1731.

So the Ashantihene (Nana Osei Tutu) heard their bravery and he extended an invitation through Ampabamehene to bring them to Kumasi. However some of the people were left at Sampa to take care of the body of the monarch,Nana Kaka.

Nana Kalimeh in 1741 leadย  the people through Nsuatre,Dominase Akropong in Ashanti. From Akropong they settled at Ampabame,after staying for so time and they went to sargranti war of 1874 with the Ahantis against the British and became successful.

After the war they came and settled at Amakom in Kumasi. Obaapanim Afia Bosompenyaal,saw that her people was being using frequently for wars by the Ashantis. so in her own mind ,she fabricated a story that she was not finding suitable chewing stick (pasogo) which is the local language called in Nkroan.

She told Ashantihene about it and convinced him that on their way to Kumasi they found a lot of suitable chewing sticks tress in the savanna areas,so they should go there for some.

Ashantehene conceded to this idea and released Okyeame Banih to take them to the grassy land. So when they are coming they settled at Akomadan,Nkenkansu and Techiman in 1875. From Techiman they discovered a river Nyamepene and followed it along the banks to Nkorankwagya near Nsawkwa.

In 1876,under Ekyi Kofi they came to Domyaa from Nkorankwagya. At Domyaa,there was misunderstanding between Nana Banim and his nephew (the Badu people ) so the fought and fell apart. The Nkoran (seikwa people)

Moved from Domyaa to Tomeanya(Tanokrom) means my own town. From there they moved to Domeabra. At there there,there was drought so a certain hunter called Bofo Dabratia,in his hunting expedition he saw a river,which was flowing from a mountain .

He told the story to the then chief through kyeame Brempon Banim and said in twi ”ensuo yi da ho res33 kwa” hence Seikwa. They move to the river side a built a house near the river bank. The house later on collapsed on two brothers of the chief. The then take a move from the river to the present place SEIKWA in about 1877 under the leadership of Nana Ekye Kofi I.

Also,here is a short history of Nana Kaka stool and the stool was originated from Dafupeji in Bouna in I’vory Coast.

Here is the list of previous Chiefs in Seikwa.

1.Nana Kaka 1580-1731

2.Nana Kalimeh. 1731-1752

3.Nana Kumah. 1752-1777

4.Nana Agyei. 1777-1828

5.Nana Juma. 1838-1857

6.Nana Ekye Kofi. 1857-1877

7.Nana Kwasi Bekoe I. 1877-1943

8.Nana Kwasi Bekoe II. 1943-1954

9.Nana Kwasi Bekoe Krah III 1954-1960

10.Nana Kwasi Bekoe Ababio 1960-1985

11.Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana II 1985-2013.

Photos of Seikwa.

Olympic Lyon vs Fc Barcelona 0:0

champions league run of 16 highlights.

Liverpool vs Baryan Munich 0:0

Champions league run of 16 stage highlights,Liverpool drawn at home with Baryan Munich at anfied.

Below is a video watch,comment and like.

Chelsea Vs Man United 0:2

FA cup highlights

Watch how plane started to fly,Cario international airport

It is also one of the biggest and beautiful airport in Africa,watch this video and see.

The good work of Kantanka,proudly made in Ghana cars.

Ghana have a big problem because Kantanka has manufacture so many nice and a quality cars in Ghana but yet still government still import cars for government officials and institutions.

He has all the types of cars like salon cars,four wheel drive,buses and pick ups.

Government have seen all this but they will still import cars for their use and then be throwing dust on our eyes that we should patronise made in Ghana goods.

If the the president of Ghana is using one of the Kantanka V8 what will be wrong,and even all the government officials and institutions.

I know definitely that will have make the company great and reach international use.

We the people of Ghana have to support the man not of the countries have this.

Bad price of this year Cashew nut season.

This year cashew nut season is good because the price per kilo of cashew nut have reduce drastically and it have been the worst price for the past three years.

Now farmers of the top producing cashew nut towns such us Sampa,Seikwa,Drobo,Banda and others are crying for help because some went for loans to maintain their farms and now the price have failed them.

The most painful thing is now most of the people in the cashew producing towns have use the their larger part of the lands for cashew growing and because of this year cashew price it has reduced the can do sprite of the farmers.

But cashew is is also very important and also sources of revenue to the country so government should wake up help the farmers with their agriculture equipments and create factories so that we can produce cashew product in Ghana .